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Credit Card Authorization and Work Contract

Date: ______________

I give authorization to Travel Experience Consulting to charge my credit card for the following travel arrangements made by Travel Experience Consulting:

Trip Planning Services:

$_________ for non-refundable trip planning fee ($500 for trips up to 3 weeks; $50 per additional week)

I will help you find your European dream destination, plan your itinerary, select accommodations that meet your needs and desires, and tell you about the attractions most appealing to you. We'll start by talking about your European travel dreams. Then I'll do some research and offer suggestions before I finalize a personal itinerary that suits your dreams and your budget. You will receive a written travel plan that you can follow to make your own arrangements or you can have me make your travel reservations for you.

The trip planning fee is payable up-front as a "plan to go fee." It is non-refundable. If you go on the trip as proposed in your work contract with Travel Experience Consulting, then the fee is applied towards the final cost of your trip. If you cancel, the fee is forfeited.

Booking Services:

If you already know where you want to go, how you want to get there, what you want to do, and where you want to stay, you may not wish to use the full trip planning service. In that case, I can arrange your airline tickets, rail passes, car rentals, hotel, B&B, or apartment reservations, tour bookings, theater tickets, etc. I charge a non-refundable booking fee payable in advance as follows:


________ travelers x $50 per person for airline tickets
________ car rental reservations x $20 for car rental reservations
________ travelers x $20 per person for rail tickets or passes
________ travelers x _________ bookings x $20 per person per booking for theater tickets, museum passes, travel cards, and similar ancillary items.
________ nights x $20 per night for lodging reservations
________ travelers x _________ cruise days x $10 per person per cruise day for cruise reservations (cost applied to final cost of cruise)
________ travelers x _________ vacation days x $20 per person per day for vacation packages and tours (cost applied to final cost of package or tour)


Trip Insurance:

You should know that there may be substantial penalties and/or no refund of the amount charged should you change and/or cancel any of your travel arrangements. You can and should but trip cancellation insurance to protect you from loss of your non-refundable trip costs in the event you have to cancel for unforeseen reasons. To provide the best possible protection against loss of at-risk payments, it is important that you purchase insurance within 7 to 14 days of your initial trip payment. The cost of the premium varies with the insurance company used (they all differ in their costs and benefits), the number and ages of travelers, the trip duration, and the amount of money at-risk of loss in the event of trip cancellation. Contact me for a quote. Or see trip insurance information on this website.

I understand that I am liable for any cancellation penalties and out-of-pocket expenses incurred.

[ ]  I want to purchase trip insurance at this time. Fill in the amount in the space provided below.

[ ]  I do not want to purchase trip insurance at this time. I will also make my own provisions in the event of an emergency while I am traveling.

______________________________________________________ (sign here)

$____________ = cost of insurance premium based on an at-risk trip cost of $____________.

Total to be charged:

$____________ to be charged to:

[ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard [ ] American Express [ ] Diners' Club [ ] Discover


Make imprint of card by placing credit card face up under paper and rub lightly across the numerals with a pencil.





Number _____________________________________________ Exp. ____________________

Name on Card: ________________________________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________________________

Billing address: ________________________________________________________________



List of Travelers (Indicate names as shown on photo ID or passport (for international travel), and date of birth):

Date of Birth

(Use additional pages as needed.)

Describe the arrangements requested.

Show preferred dates of travel, origin airports, destinations desired, number nights in each destination, type of car to be booked, etc. Attach additional pages as needed.




Attach copy of front and back of photo ID and credit card and send with form to:

Travel Experience Consulting - FAX (208) 248-0548

Travel Experience PO Box 99 - Clements, CA 95227-0099 - (800) 759-3238 - (209) 759-3733


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